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"I am passionate of my profession as a pianist, choreographer, music and dance teacher and the interdisciplinary explorations I continually develop. I have deep fulfillment from the students I teach and transform and from the innumerable things I, in turn, learn from students and colleagues on a daily basis that allow me to pursue higher goals."

Joseph Kelly (9 year old)
J. S. Bach Prelude in C minor

Form Object

Throughout his 27 years of teaching, Dr. Zapata has taught hundreds of students. Some are now professional musicians having gone on to undergraduate and graduate studies in music while others have grown in the joy of making music and sharing it with others. I give my best to each and every student so they can have a rewarding experience.


I currently teach piano and chamber music privately and offer workshops in piano pedagogy, interdisciplinarity, and dance.

For information on piano lessons, dance classes, and workshops please contact me at:

Dr. Eugenio Zapata
1900 Scofield Ridge Parkway #4101
Austin, TX 78727

Phone: (605) 760-3866

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